Fairy Spotting

Fairies have been spotted all around the town,

Some eating ice cream and some dancing around.

In the cathedral grounds at the bottom of the trees

fairies leave their doors open for you to look and see.

If you see a fairy door remember to let us know

post your picture on facebook so others know where to go.

Visiting The Fairy Trail

All around the Island

Lots of fairies dwell

Some by the seaside

Some by the wishing well

Follow the map

and see what you can see

remember to look in the woods

by the old oak tree.

Everytime a door is purchased

The fairy trail will grow

This makes it more exciting

Tell everyone you know


Thank you for supporting the project.

Smile ~ Providing Activities For The Elderly




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Fairy Doors


Fairy Doors & Houses

All fairy doors are bespoke and made to your choice of design.

Closed Doors       £5.00

Open Doors          £7.50

Fairy Houses        £7.50

Fairy Pottery 

£12.00 each

Order Here..


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