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Millport Fairy Trail

Hiding in the woodlands,

a family of fairies dwell,

hanging washing  from the tree tops

and gathering water from the well

Follow the fairies footsteps,

find all the hidden doors,

keep your eyes wide open

as they are not all on the forest floor.

Every door is made from lumber,

why not add one of your own,

just send me your name or number,

by email or by phone.

Doors £3.50 each.

Millport Fairy Trail.. 

Little fairy doors can be spotted

round the island  for everyone to see..

Especially in the woods at the Cathedral

 near the old Oak Tree.

Fairy Trail Map..

Fairy Sightings around the Isle Of Cumbrae.

Millport Fairy Trail

Was created by Smile 

as a community project to help bring together generations through the ages.


Providing Activities For The Elderly CIC

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