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 Training.. Behind The Scene 

Summer 2017 Trip To London..

Katharine & Lynn were invited to London's Alzheimer's Show to learn specialised information from professionals about all the different stages of Dementia.

After three days of intensive learning & meeting a wealth of interesting people we will now head home to Scotland to begin the journey of Smile..



To Do List

Dementia Ambassadors Training

Community Interest Company

Accountancy Training

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Being A Ambassador

Dementia Ambassadors aim to create a world where every person affected by dementia gets the support and care they deserve, where dementia research is well-funded, and where people living with dementia don’t face unnecessary barriers to living fulfilling lives.


Becoming A Music, Art & Therapist

After studying for many months about Dementia to gain more knowledge and understanding about the disease, I stumbled across several other courses on how to enhance life for people living with dementia.
The first course I studied was Music and Dementia and then onto Dementia and Art both of these courses have been inspiring and changed the way I deliver activities.

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MOiFzxbnSA6Gey9NSXd9_musica (1).png

Creating a society that supports people living with a dementia is a major challenge - and opportunity. On this course I discovered how the arts can create a common ground between people.

I learn what we can all do to improve the quality of life and care for people living with different dementias, examining best practice and the limits of our current understanding.


Becoming Official

Taking Smile to the next stage means deciding wither to become a Charity, OSCR or CIC.

This is a mind blowing amount of reading and understanding, as it is essential you choose the right registration to suit your needs.

Community Interest Company

After weighing up all the options we have chosen to become a CIC.

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Planning Fundraising

After months of studying the benefits of art & music for elderly people,
Smile decided to launch its first fundraising project.

Lynn & Katharine planned out how best to incorporate both these activities into community projects.

Smile Tea Dances in Uphall & Fairy Trail in Millport.

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Fundraising Concert

Smile hosted its first community concert 
in Middleton Hall Bowling Club in June 2017
and has been hosting monthly concerts since.


Annual Accounts.

Even although Smile is a non profit company, all annual accounts still have to be submitted to HMRC and Companies House.


The cost of submitting the annual accounts for Smile started at £1000.00 which would be at the cost of the company. As after weeks of research Lynn could not find a grant to help with this and being very reluctant to use £1000.00 of the funds Lynn decided it was time to go back to college to learn accountancy.


Book keeping for Personal and Business Accounting

Discover how money flows in personal and business environments and develop the skills to manage your finances with this online



Providing Activities For The Elderly CIC

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