Heritage Fairy Woods

Down at the bottom of the garden,

a family of fairies dwell,

hanging washing  from the tree tops,

and gathering water from the well.

Follow the fairies footsteps,

find all the hidden doors,

keep your eyes wide open

as there not all on the forest floor.

Every door is made from lumber,

why not add one of your own,

just send me your name or number,

by email or by phone.

Doors From £5.00 each.

Looking For Fairies

Heritage Fairy Woods is located in and around the woods of Middleton Hall Uphall.

The Fairy trail  is free to visit and

your own fairy door, fairy house or bird box cant be purchased and placed within the woods for you to find..

Heritage Fairy Woods is fun for children to discover and a lovely place to leave behind a memory of someone in the garden.

Inside the Fairy Woods

Inside Heritage Fairy Woods 

is a trail for you to see..

Lots of little hafairy doors

hidden beneath the trees..

Follow the Ladybird trail

It will lead you to the Wishing Well

This is where the Fairies cast there magic spell...

Heriatge Fairy Woods was opened in October 2019

by Smile as a project to create a link between the

older & younger generations in the community of Uphall.

 The Fairy Woods is made up of bespoke handmade doors made to order by Smiles craft group and the residents of MiddletonHall Care Home.

The doors are then sponsored by people in the community by donation.

The donations are then used by Smile to purchase activities equipment for people living with dementia and age related illnesses. 

Hanging from the tree tops

the fairies dry their wings

if you listen carefully 

you might hear them sing..

A Huge Thank you Jumping Generations

Heritage Fairy Woods was created in 2019 

by Jumping Generations as a community project to create a Fairy Trail & Memory Garden.

Middleton Hall residents & Children in the community have made a Fairy Wood

Full Of Memories & Fun.


Providing Activities For The Elderly CIC

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