Smile is a small community based facility in West Lothian which has been set up with the focus to provide activities for elderly people living at in the community & In care establishments.


Smile is an acronym for “Small Meaningful Activities Link Everyone” which is what the Smile team aim to achieve for people in their senior years.

Providing Activities For The Elderly

Smile works hand in hand with a lot of community groups, this helps Smile to offer a wider range of activities. 


Smile's main aim is to 

Promote well-being through activities, 

Reduce isolation for elderly people.

Bridge the gap between living in a care home & living in the community,

Support families,friends and carers who are caring for loved ones with dementia and age-related illnesses.

Smile Can Support..

Community Projects

Smile aim is to support people in their senior years to stay active at home, in care homes, day centres or in the community.

Smile does this by raising funds with community projects.


The funds raised are then put towards activities equipment and donated to people living with age related illnesses and dementia.


Heritage Fairy Woods Project

In 2019 Smile launched a project with the Uphall community to create a fairy trail for local children to enjoy.

The Fairy Trail is made up of bespoke handmade Fairy Doors, each door is made to order and can be any theme, colour or name you wish.

The funds are then used to buy activities equipment for elderly people living with dementia.

Heritage Little Free Library Project

In 2020 Smile launched a project with the Uphall community to create a Little Free Library for the community to enjoy during the Coivd lockdown.

The Little Free Library is managed by local Bookfairies. The bookfairies recycle books and keep the Little Library topped up for people to enjoy and on dry days hide the books around the community.


Providing Activities For The Elderly CIC