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In the summer of 2023 led by Activities Organiser Ashley Fairbairn
and the residents of Middleton Hall Care Home started writing a book about the history of Middleton Hall.

Heritage Grounds History

1745 Heritage Gardens were lush with flowers, fruit and vegetables which were used to feed the family and friends of Rev George Barclay.

1797 Edinburgh Lawyer William Inglis took over Middleton Hall and its ground.William Inglis rebuilt the house and modernised its gardens over the next 30 years.

1830 Mr Thriepland 
civil servant from India took over Middleton Hall and its beautiful grounds and introduced spices, exotic plants and hot houses for grapes.

1838 Mr Robert Maxwell a keen gardener bought Middleton Hall because of its extensive garden and hot houses, he went on to win many awards for his home grown produce.

1851 retired naval officer Captian William Hankey was the first English man to own Middleton Hall, Captian Hankey and his wife expanded the grounds into a Homestead which fed their family and the poor.

1865 John Pender a business man sadly let the house and gardens go to disrepair. The grounds haven't been back to full potential since.


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