The centre provides activities for people with dementia & ages related illnesses. 


The activities are contributed by two main groups, local companies & voluntary bodies.

These two sectors work together to provide the centre with stability & support.

This ensures the centre shall progress forward and give a cohesive service for the future. 

Smiles Centre

Keeping Active With Smile

Tea Dance

Friday Afternoons 2pm - 4pm

Live Music * Afternoon Tea *  Raffle

Community Tea Dance For Seniors 

Everyone is welcome 

no ticket is required *donations only*


Adapted Cycling

Cycling For Seniors

Cycling indoors & Outdoors

Music & Virtual Scenery


Everyone is welcome 

No experience required

Floor Curling

Floor Curling is a modified version of Olympic sport of curling, but no ice!

Everyone is welcome 

No experience required

Irish Dancing

for Seniors

With Margaret Carson

Everyone is welcome 

No experience required

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Jumping Generations

Jumping Generations was founded in 2017 by Smile to bring together 

the Older & Younger Generations through shared activities.

Sensory Therapy

Day trips to butterfly world to experience the world's longest running indoor butterfly house with hundreds of free flying exotic butterflies in an indoor tropical rainforest. 


Creative Arts

In 2018 Generation Arts introduced Smile to Music to Movement. 

Weekly Keep fit & Dance classes supported by Mia's Aim,


Prize Bingo could not be missed out.

Weekly bingo & afternoon tea.

All Welcome

Carpet Bowling

Sitting or standing Carpet bowling suits everyone.

All Welcome

Theme Day Celebrations

Seasonal theme day celebrations, to mark all the special occasions throughout the year.

All Welcome

Pamper Therapy

Pamper treatments available by Michelle Gray

All Welcome

Canal Day Trips

Sailing up the union canal & lunch at Almondell Aqueduct.

Supported By Seagull Trust

Dominoe Club

Social afternoon with dominoes & afternoon tea.

All Welcome


Providing Activities For The Elderly CIC